Silent Comedy Marathon - Vol. 8

The laughs never stop in this side-splitting collection of nine rare comedy shorts from the heyday of silent screen slapstick, many featuring the era's superstars.

A GROCERY CLERK'S ROMANCE (1912): In this surprisingly dark comedy from Mack Sennett, Ford Sterling is a grocery clerk who tries to blow up James C. Morton with dynamite so he can move in on his wife.

PETTICOAT CAMP (1912): A party of married couples go to an island for a summer retreat. The women rebel when they realize the men expect them to do all the work for them. One of the few surviving films produced by the Thanhouser film studio in New York.

A FLIRT'S MISTAKE (1914): 'Fatty' Arbuckle is a man who can't resist flirting with every woman he sees. His amorous behavior may be the death of him when he ticks off an Indian rajah with a sword (played by Edgar Kennedy!)

LEADING LIZZIE ASTRAY (1914): 'Fatty' Arbuckle heads to the big city to make a name for himself after a money man takes off with his girlfriend.

THE HOME BREAKERS (1915): Mack Swain and Chester Conklin are a pair of two-timing husbands carrying on affairs with each other's wife.

BATHING BEAUTIES AND BIG BOOBS (1918): Larry Semon immediately falls for Madge Kirby after seeing her on the beach, but her father disapproves of their heavy petting. To make himself look like a hero to the old codger, Larry stages a fake hold-up he can foil. His plans go awry when a pair of real crooks show up.

THE JANITOR (1919): Hank Mann is a bumbling janitor inadvertently enlisted by Bolshevik revolutionaries to deliver a bomb to the Secret Service.

HEAVY SEAS (1923): The Spat Family (Frank Butler, Sydney D'Albrook, and Laura Roessing) win a yacht during a day out at Coney Island...and promptly sink it on its maiden voyage.

THE RODEO (1929): The Smith Family (Mary Ann Jackson, Ruth Hiatt, and Raymond McKee) hear about a rodeo coming to town. They decide to take Uncle Andy Clyde with them, but a series of disastrous events means their car may not make it there in one piece.

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Längd: 142 Minuter
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Upplagd i sortimentet: 13 mars, 2018

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