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Some - Limited Edition

What could have been a simple legal case turns into a dramatic race against time and death in Chang Yoon-hyun´s latest cop-bandit extravaganza.

After 10 billion won worth of drugs mysteriously disappear, police officer Kang Sung-joo (Ko Su) has to face the difficult task of tracking down the ones responsible for this clever coup. During his risky mission for justice he stumbles into news reporter Seo Yoo-jin (Song Ji-hyo) who has the gift to foresee the future. Kang learns to his shocking surprise that he is scheduled to become the victim of a murder within the next 24 hours.

Directed by suspense thriller specialist Chang Yoon-hyun who already terrified movie viewers with his last blockbuster Tell Me Something and loaded with the dynamic stars Ko Su (My Fair Lady) and Song Ji-hyo (Wishing Stairs), Some promises to keep you hooked all the way.

Regissör: Jang Yun-Hyeon
Skådespelare: Gang Seong-Jin, Song Ji-Hyo, Go Su
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Bild: WS 16:9 Anamorfisk
Ljud: Koreanska DD 5.1, DTS
Text: Engelska
Längd: 118 Minuter
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Skivor: 2
År: 2004
Region: 3 (kräver regionsfri dvdspelare)
Audio Commentary with Director Jang Yun-Hyeon and Director of Photography Kim Sung-Bok
Audio Commentary with Go Su, Song Ji-Hyo, Gang Seong-Jin
Proof No.1
Making Film
Interview with Director
Interview with Director and Cast
Making Film about Chasing Scene
Proof No.2
Some, Visual
Production Design and Costume
Simulation Some
Still Gallery
Art.nr: 770