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Legend Of White Fang - The Complete Series

Animated Adventures in the Klondike!

Based upon the book by Jack London!

Far, far away, in the raw splendor of the mystical Yukon, White Fang ran with the wind. Nothing could stop him because he was wild and free. Then thousands of people came. Soon, the land became overrun by gold miners, con men and other colorful characters, who poured into the Yukon to seek their fortune.

In action-packed stories filled with fun and adventure, The Legend of White Fang captures the majesty of the Yukon at a time of great change and excitement in the wild and fearless North. Life in this majestic wilderness was forever changed!

White Fang, part wolf and part husky, is the hero of this exciting series of adventures set in the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890’s. Based on the classic short story by Jack London, the series starts when the animal’s life is saved by 12 year old Wendy Scott, and a unique and lasting friendship evolves. White Fang and Wendy do all they can to preserve the mystical Yukon wilderness as well as protect one another from all kinds of dangers - both man-made and natural. In this series we see how the power and the majesty of the wild, embodied by the great White Fang, the native people, and the land itself, clash head-on with the booming growth of civilization.


1. The Trap
2. The Gold Nugget
3. Banished
4. William
5. Fool’s Gold
6. Two Free Beings
7. The River of Life
8. The Ice Bound Boat
9. The Expedition
10. Leap of Danger
11. The Fountain of Gold
12. The Golden Touch
13. The Revenge
14. Otter Madness
15. Sharper
16. A Charmed Life
17. Wendy Runs Away
18. The Traitor
19. An Adventure at Every Turn
20. The Lynx
21. Thunder Mask
22. The Great Showman
23. Keewan
24. White Fang Goes to Town
25. The Team
26. The Beavers

Bonus episodes:

BUSYTOWN MYSTERIES - "The Strange Ski Tracks Mystery / The Mysterious Color-Changing T-Shirt"

THE BUSY WORLD OF RICHARD SCARRY - "The Big Move / Sneef in Russia / Mr. Frumble Gets a Job"

FLIGHT SQUAD - "The White She-Wolf"

RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT - "In His Uncle’s Shoes"


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Ljud: Engelska DD Stereo
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Längd: 746 Minuter
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Skivor: 3
Region: 1

Upplagd i sortimentet: 12 Oktober, 2010

Art.nr: 65474

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