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Cocaine Wars

DEA agent Cliff Adams (John Schneider, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Smallville, Eddie Macons Run) is working undercover in South America as a henchman for Gonzalo Reyes (Federico Luppi, The Devils Backbone, Cronos, Funny Dirty War), the biggest cocaine exporter in South America. After Cliffs fiancée, Janet Meade (Kathryn Witt, Demon Of Paradise), is a reporter doing a story about Reyes is kidnapped by Reyes, he orders Cliff to assassinate a presidential candidate. Running against time, Cliff needs to save his fiancée, protect the presidential candidate and bring and end to Reyes evil reign. This exciting actioner was directed by Hector Olivera (Barbarian Queen, Wizards of the Lost Kingdom) and co-starred Royal Dano (House 2, One Man Jury, Messiah of Evil, Capone, Drum, Johnny Guitar).

Regissör: Hector Olivera
Skådespelare: John SchneiderKathryn Witt
Bild: Widescreen 16:9 Anamorfisk
Ljud: Engelska DD Mono
Text: .
Längd: 82 Minuter
Skivor: 1
Region: 1
År: 1985

Upplagd i sortimentet: 7 december, 2017

Art.nr: 444040

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